I hope i will always make my children feel loved and cared for.



The unknown

How does it make you, when all you wver told yourself is that you’re not desirable.. no one wants you.. you’re not good enough..

How does it make you feel, if all of a sudden there is a person, that makes you feel desireable?

How does it make you feel when you find out that person is married?

How is it supposed to make me feel?
Angry? Sad? Disapointed? Worthless?

I don’t know.. and this ‘i don’t know’ scares me.

the wrong direction


i’ve found myself struggeling lately.

i guess it’s okey, as long as i try to get back to the right track.

chin up people, there will always be lows in your life..but always keep an eye open for people (friend, family, pets, lovers..) that cou think could brighten up your day, and don’t make yourself feel cosy in that black little whole you’ve digged yourself into.

You will be missed.

don’t you ever dare do that again


don’t  e v e r  make your happiness depending on how other people treat you.
people will come and go, sometimes it will make you sad, and you will think that you did something wrong, but if a person decides to ‘leave’, let them go. it is not your problem if they don’t want to spend time with you, because there are always some people that genuinely love you, no matter what. focus on them, and let them others be.